You can make your own version of The Sky Egg picture book. All you need is some construction paper, glue, magazines and catalogues from which to clip art or your own drawings, scissors, a printout of the sky egg stickers, and a printout of The Sky Egg story text. Print the sky egg stickers onto sticker paper designed for colored printers or print out the sky egg stickers onto regular printer paper and adhere them to the project book by using double- sided tape.

The last page in The Sky Egg picture book is from the author’s own sample project book. The sky egg sticker was cut in half and then trimmed to look like a broken shell. An egg white was shaped from white paper, and the yolk was created from magazine clip art.

The bird in your version doesn’t have to look like a real bird. You can use the clip art to make a collage that is shaped like a bird but has many different images within it. Just be creative and don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Mistakes in art usually just mean an unexpected result which may turn out better than what you had planned to do originally. Hopefully, the making of the project book will yield some story ideas of your own!

Sky Egg Sample Project Page

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