About The Skyegg Website Project And Content

Why did you create the website?

Skyegg is an experiment; I wanted to create and publish fiction stories by using my family’s home computing and printing system because I wanted to see just how well and easily it could be done (or not). When applicable, I will post How-To topics in the Tips section related to various creative uses of technology.

Why do you offer your stories as free PDF downloads?

I want to do it. It’s as simple as that. No big reason.

I am having problems downloading your stories. Any suggestions?

See the TIPS section for hints on how to download the stories using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Useful Resources

I have a manuscript that I would like for you to help me create as a PDF.

See the TIPS section of this site for a tutorial on generating your own PDF!

I want to use On-Demand Printing to create a book. Can you suggest some cost-effective sources?

I want to post my stories on my own website, but I need to copyright them. What should I do?


Creative Commons offers a variety of ways to copyright your stories and other creative works.

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