The Sky Egg

© 2001 Heather L. Lore

It is night. The sky is a cheery blue laced with clouds. A robin flies across the horizon. Robin eggs are blue. What if the sky were an egg laid by an enormous bird?


What kind of bird would lay an egg the size of the sky? Its feathers could be wispy and colorful like clouds. Its eyes might be blazing like the sun. Its beak and claws could be golden like the sunset.


The clouds trail across the shell of the sky egg. If the shell were to open, the first layer inside it might be a shining azure sea.


Beyond the azure sea may exist a layer of dense fog. The fog may come from somewhere deep inside the sky egg.


A pale light gleams from within the fog layer. The light may come from the core of the sky egg. Perhaps it is the product of a shining sun.


A shining sun is born within the sky egg. A protective shell shields it from harm as it burns from radiant red to brilliant blue. Its steady flame sends light throughout the sky egg.


The shining sun rises and suddenly opens to reveal a wonderful thing. Something nobody else has ever seen before or experienced. Something that happens only once in the lifetime of someone extremely lucky.


What would you find if the sky egg were to open for you?