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Resident Librarian Althea Wallis coordinates the library volunteers. The library hours of operation can be found in the Skylark Directory featured on the home page of this website. Check out Althea’s picks below for some children’s books that might interest you!

The Sky Egg

The Sky Egg

Download The Sky Egg

The Sky Egg picture book is based on a play in which a child imagines what the night sky would be like if it were a giant egg. The story was adapted to picture book form and includes acrylic on gesso board illustrations (with the exception of the last page which was taken directly from the project sample created by the author). The concept of the story was inspired by folklore from India, the Americas, and China regarding the creation of the universe. The artwork combines folk art inspired graphics with abstract backgrounds.

The Not-So-Secret Secret

The Not-So-Secret Secret

Download a copy of The Not-So-Secret Secret, a story about flying corn. It’s one thing to combine species of animals for the fun of seeing what they look like on the outside, but this story goes one step further. Included with the illustrations are notes taken from Dr. Masa’s own field journal featuring a cross-section diagram of the flying corn. See how the body systems work together to make this flying creature so special! Next time you draw a crazy-combo animal like a elphantabbit (elephant combined with a rabbit), compare the insides of the animals to see how it might actually be possible. See which systems complement one another and which ones would be eliminated. See which new systems might develop to bring a crazy-combo creature to life.


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